In March 2012 the Japanese government passed a bill amending filling procedures for all cargo arriving in Japan ports. The new regulation requires VOCC's and NVOCC's to electronically file cargo information with Japan Customs at least 24 hours prior to vessel departure from port of loading. The shipper listed on the master bill is responsible to file all house BL details directly with the VOC and Japan customs.

The rule will be effective March 1, 2014. Filing will be mandatory March 10, 2014. In order to comply with this new rule, Shippers will require complete and accurate shipping instructions by the cut off time listed on our bookings as part of our no docs/no load policy. The following key data elements are required:

• Full name, address and telephone number of shipper, consignee and notify party
• Number of packages, total gross weight and volume
• Marks and Numbers
• Precise description per cargo item. General or group descriptions not allowed
• Minimum 6 digit HS code per cargo item • UN Number and IMDG code for cargo, if applicable
• Container Number & Seal