Penascop United Group, a global network established to promote the development of the Asian shipping port industry, held its 10th regular general meeting in Manhattan, Jakarta for two days from November 9th.

Penascop United Group, established with the aim of global networking business, it has been engaged in shipping and logistics related business for a long time in overseas countries. Since its launch in 2014, the group has been working with 12 countries (including Korea) Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

In particular, Penascop United explained that this year's general meeting, which marks the 5th anniversary of the founding, is more meaningful as young businessmen graduated from domestic maritime related universities are trying to cooperate and develop the marine industry in the Asia Pacific region.
The general meeting was attended by about 260 people including Indonesian ship owners, shippers and logistics companies, as well as expatriates from various countries.

The Penascop Group decided to establish a stronger network in Asia to establish five organizations in order to lay the foundations for a new leap on the 5th anniversary of the group's foundation.

The shipping agency is Mr. Penascop Indonesia Lee Sihyun, the ship supply is Mr. Penascop Korea Mr. Gyu-Il Kim, the crew manning is Mr. Penascop, Mr. Kim Tae-young, the cargo broking is Mr Moses Chang in Penascop Taiwan and the cargo logistics is Peter Hoang of Penascop Vietnam.

Penascop vowed to work together for all member companies to develop into the only marine comprehensive services platform in Asia.

In order to concentrate on sales activities, he decided to reduce the number of meetings from next year. Accordingly, the 11th general meeting will be held in the Philippines next November.