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Vietnam is a minor but fast-growing manufacturer of electronics, auto part and computer components. This product line is expected to become one of key export products and greatly contribute to the development of Vietnam's export, the average growth of 27% a year.

Increasing globalization is subjecting the electronics, auto part and computer components industry to time and cost pressures. With our logistics services, we make sure you optimize your production processes and reduce expenses.
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The past ten years witnessed a sharp increase in total export value, especially in 2014 with growth of more than 60% over 2013. This year also marked a breakthrough with export value.
The U.S., Japan and Korea are major markets propelling Vietnam's overall growth of this export sector to extreme heights. Opportunities for diversification could lie with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the EU, particularly the recently integrated economies of the latter (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic).
Vietnam's exports of electronics, computers and components by main export markets

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