As part of our fully comprehensive door-to-door services, Super Cargo Service is pleased to be able to provide a truly in-house Customs clearance and consultancy service. We cater you all sort of services as follows:

-    Filling in the Form of Customs Declaration.
-    Declarating Customs and Applying Tax Code.
-    Implementing procedures of Commodity Control or applying for Extra Commodity Control.
-    Contacting with authority to comply all sub- formalities following the requirement of Vietnam.
-    Customs including Cultural Control, Geology control, quarantine of botanical – animal – foodstuffs, fumigation etc.
-    All goods will be stored and kept impact during transportation.
-    Packing goods by special materials: carton, plastic, spongy paper, wood edges, plywood etc.
-    Implementing the requirement of quality control for the Seller or The Buyer as the acceptance.
-    For imported commodities with full of all customs formalities, we will distribute upon the order of the Owner quickly by our experienced team of employees and drivers.

"We carry your cargo, we take care it: Safe – Saving – Swift